How to catch your woman cheating

Is your woman cheating?

All London residents who are suspicious that their woman is cheating should act on the impulse and conduct the appropriate investigation. Of course, paranoia is always something that you can be accused of, but being paranoid and acting upon suspicions is better than being trapped in a relationship as the victim of infidelity. Believe me, I know. I was once married to a woman who cheated on me throughout the duration of our marriage. It was absolutely brutal. As the signs began to show themselves, I started acting on my suspicions, and my ex wife noticed this. She accused me of being paranoid over and over again, and after a while, I started to believe her. Still, I was convinced that she was up to no good, and I persisted. Eventually, I got hold of her phone and found out that she's been sexting with a man for years, and she's actually confirmed through text that she has slept with this man on numerous occasions. I confronted her about the messages, and she finally cracked. Of course, we ended up getting a divorce immediately. Today, she is actually married to that man, and I am single and extremely happy. My path is not necessarily the same one that you will follow. However, I know from experience that if your woman appears to be cheating on you, you need to conduct your own investigation in order to learn the truth.

Time to catch her cheating

If the signs begin to accumulate, it's time to catch her cheating. You never want to be confronted with the image of your woman lying in bed with another man, but sometimes that image is necessary if you're planning to move on to a better place in life. Sometimes, the only real way to determine a partner's infidelity is to catch her in the act. Sure, I was lucky enough to have my wife confess to her infidelity, so I was spared the tangible image of her cheating on me, but that might not be the case for you.

Follow her cheating trail

Every partner in an affair leaves some sort of cheating trail, and it's up to you to get your detective's hat and magnifying glass and investigate what she's up to. Sometimes, the trail is more clear than others. For example, if your wife keeps staying at work late multiple times during the week, all you'll have to do is park your car at her workplace and follow her when her shift ends. You might end up catching her entering a motel with another man, which is usually a clear indicator that she's about to have sex with him.

Look through her social media

Of course, the trail your cheating partner leaves might be a virtual one. It's a scum move to look through someone's personal online accounts, but sometimes that's the necessary step you must take in order to truly discover whether or not your partner is cheating. Look through her social media for strange messages sent to other men, and especially have a look through her browser history to see if she was a member of any online hookup forums as you were dating.

Catch her in the act

Confirmation that your partner is cheating might come in many forms, including catching her in the act. As I've said, I was lucky enough to avoid that, but you might not be. If you're apprehensive to open the motel room door to catch your woman cheating on you, keep in mind that it might be the only thing that will allow you to have a healthy, normal life afterwards. My advice is to take the plunge. It will all be worth it eventually.