Turning a Casual Sex Buddy Into a Steady Thing: The How To Guide!

One of the most common situation that occurs in online hookups is one partner becoming romantically attracted to the other, thus taking the relationship from a strictly sexual one into a possibly romantic, serious, long-term one. Many single people will cringe merely at reading those words on the screen, but what we write here is the truth. It's normal for people to develop feelings during their casual sex affairs. Casual sex is not a completely simple, clear, and clean sort of relationship — it has its ups and downs, and it comes with its fair share of variables. If you find yourself falling in love with the person you're in a casual sex relationship with, do not fret — all hope is not lost. We know of several cases in which people have actually ended up finding the love of their lives through online hookup websites, and you could find yourself among them if you take the proper steps.

How to turn your casual encounter into the a real relationship

For people who look to online dating websites in order to satisfy the bulk of their dating needs, it's tempting to think that all that can be possibly acquired from this exchange is a casual relationship that has no hope of crossing into serious territory. While it is true that the online dating world creates countless casual hookups every day, that by no means implies that there is no possibility for building meaningful, long-term romance through online dating sites. Quite the contrary, as we have heard of many cases in which our people have met their future spouses through online hookups. All it takes is a genuine interest in the other person, and the open mindedness that will allow the relationship to flourish naturally.

Start trying to connect with your casual partner mentally

While it is great to connect to your partner in physical, sexual ways, if you're looking for a long, sustainable relationship, then you need to figure out a way to connect to your partner mentally. After all, when it comes to women, mentality is the name of the dating game. Women feel mental connections on a much deeper level than we do, and so they are in a better position to totally appreciate the mental efforts that we are making. It might be hard to wrap your head around how to stimulate a woman's mind, but a mere, simple effort is a great first step here. It's the thought that counts, and your woman will greatly appreciate you for it.

Be more compassionate in bed

When it comes to sex, men have the primal impulse to just jump in the thick of things and get the deed done. However, by being more compassionate in bed and responding to her sexual urges as they arise, you are effectively showing the object of your affection that you might be considering taking the relationship into more serious territory. Of course, we don't necessarily mean to worship the ground that her naked body walks on, but a few shades more attentiveness in the bedroom certainly would not hurt you here.

Give a first date a try

Try asking your casual partner on a first date — a real one this time, not a meetup and hookup. Ask her seriously to accompany you on a romantic night around town. Buy her a single red rose, take her for a chariot ride through the old part of the city, enjoy an ice cream by the port, then maybe head to the hottest lounge to grab a few drinks. At the end of the night, give her a soft kiss on the cheek before you part ways. Show her that, despite the hookup beginnings of your relationship, you are willing to paint things in a new light by taking it more slowly and building towards a serious relationship.

Start introducing her to your friends

If you really want to show her that you're ready to get serious, it might be high time to start introducing her to your friends. Before you take this step, we advise you to think long and hard, because this is the point of no return. Once your friends meet her once, she will be expecting you to bring her along to see your friends every single time, so you will basically have no choice in the matter. By that point, for better or worse, she will start to seem a lot like your new girlfriend. We hope that you like that idea, because it will become your entire life soon enough.