The Cougar Dating Guide: Control Your Online Image & Meet More Girls As a Result

With the internet, no one's privacy is safe any more. Technically speaking, everyone is a potential victim. Now, we're not spouting out anything about the possibility of the government keeping an eye on us when they shouldn't; all we're saying is that we can't even date these days without a woman researching us for information that we wouldn't readily give them. You have a name, and the woman you're talking to has Google; those are the only two factors necessary for you to get Googled over and over again throughout your online experience. You may not be able to control how often they Google you, but you can certainly control the online image that they'll come up with.

Local women will search you up

Right now, as you sit on your office chair eating a donut, or as you make your way to work through traffic, or as you read this from home in your bathroom after a long day — know that there is a chance that a crazy local woman is searching you up, right now. For men using online dating websites, the information that women include in their online dating profiles is more than enough for us to work with, and we don't tend to feel the urge to do more external research in order to find out more about the person we're chatting with. However, and we are very sad to report this, there are many women out there using these forums that will not hesitate before spending a great deal of time to scour the internet for every detail ever uploaded about you. We know how discomforting this may be, and we fully empathise. We have definitely been Google's many times before, and it's always resulted in our potential date bringing up some information that we aren't proud of. However, we urge you not to let this stop you in your adult dating journey. Sure, there's nothing stopping a woman from performing an online search centralizing on you, but there's also nothing stopping you from controlling your online image and really maximizing your online presence in order to really increase your chances of getting laid.

Make your online dating profile research-proof

If you're looking to navigate through the online dating world totally incognito, then you first need to make your online dating profile completely research-proof. If you give nosy women even one tidbit of information to work with, then you will certainly be at a major disadvantage. To start, enter your profile information as you normally would, keeping everything as accurate and factual as you prefer. Then, start testing out each bit of information to see if a google search of that information would lead back to you. Go down the list of the profile you just made — if anything leads back to you on Google, simply change it for another piece of information. Lying is a big part of the internet dating game, and it's a part that you'll have to learn how to play right if you hope to succeed. Of course, if you really want to flip the situation to your advantage, you can keep reading below.

Turn the tables on her

Since you already know that most women out there will probably Google your user information to get some new facts about you from exterior sources, you can use this information to your advantage in order to truly increase your chances of getting laid. You can find some internet pages that would paint you in an impressive light, and input some phrases in your user profile so that women who research you will end up reading impressive information about the internet. At least, they would think it's about you, which is all that matters. Maybe you're the anonymous hero who saved those horses from falling down a mountain, or maybe you hold a regional record for having the most favorably mis-proportioned male member. Women will be lining up to date you, curious to see what you're made of. You pick your poison — these online women stooped so low as to sneak off and Google you, so you can stoop so low as to manipulate their results.

Cougar dating guide — cougars use Google, too

In case you didn't know, today's cougars are incredibly modernized. Not only are they feisty and classy, but they also know their way around a virtual landscape. Cougars use Google, too, and they're certainly not the type of women to be shy to pass your identity through a thorough Google examination. People encountering cougars online might be tempted into thinking that they are effectively free from a Google examination, but this is far from the case. Every woman that you meet in an internet hookup forum will most likely attempt to Google you, so be ready for that by controlling your virtual image.